Mission Statement

         To address healthcare reform and federal and state value based healthcare delivery initiatives, Excelsior was formed in 2013 by 3 well established primary care practices to be a large, clinically and financially integrated, multi-specialty medical practice comprised of primary care physicians and physician specialists in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. In order to provide a comprehensive medical service focused on value based medical care delivery, Excelsior operates its own laboratory, diagnostic imaging centers, and other equipment and office space that can be shared by its affiliated physicians. Importantly, Excelsior is committed to corporate compliance, quality assurance, cultural sensitivity and competency to our communities. We bring the affordable and high quality medical service to where the patient needs.

Service Highlights

  • One EMR Platform

    Allows the sharing of all clinical information by our providers to ensure high quality-of-care and efficacy.

  • Open Access - 24/7 and Multiple Clinics

    Ensure everyone is cared for, with same-day services, no matter which borough you are in, including Walk-ins and Urgent Care.

  • House Calls

    To bring healthcare services to your home if you are too sick or frail to make it into anyone of our sites.

  • Patient Portal

    Obtain all your clinical information at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

About Us

         Excelsior Integrated Medical Group PLLC, a New York professional limited liability company ("Excelsior or EIMG"), is a clinically and financially integrated medical group that qualifies as a single tax ID group practice, is governed by a centralized board, and provides a level of autonomy to its operating divisions to operate efficiently and effectively. Excelsior has, as one of its threshold initiatives, committed itself and its affiliated physicians to high quality care, value based medical care delivery, population management, reduce healthcare cost, by enabling its physicians to share information, manage patient outcomes more efficiently and effectively. At present time, EIMG has over 51 providers, among them, 25 PCP and physician extensors, 15 specialists, 10 divisions, 13 primary care sites, 8 other specialty sites including cardiology division, pulmonary division, lab division, diagnostic imaging center, house call division, and Physical therapy division, dialysis center (will open in 2018), and covers over 34,000 lives in the New York Metro-area. All our PCP and established over one year primary care sites are certified Patient Center Medical Home (PCMH) level 3, Diabetes Recognition by NCQA as diabetes treatment experts and received grant from DOH of State of New York.

         Excelsior is the key component of ECAP IPA ( Eastern Chinese American Physician IPA), with risk bearing contracts for its 250 community base private practice physicians; CCACO ( Chinese Community Accountable Care Organization), received large amount of share saving from CMS for 2015 and 2016; ACP/SOMOS ( Advocate Community Provider), received over $700 millions from NYS as the second largest PPS in New York State Our model was presented in the Task Force Committee of Survival of Independent Practice of the Medical Society of State of New York (MSSNY) in early 2016 and is accepted as one of the very few models that MSSNY recommended for its entire membership in New York State for survival of independent practice. For the Task Force up on MSSNY's website, simply click here.


Over 42,000 lives are covered and 700 patient encouters/day.


Over 250 employees spanning 13 divisions and 9 specialties.


25 different sites consisting of primary care, cardiology, PT, imaging, critical-care, and labs.


One single tax ID and unique policy, multi-specialty, multi-cultural competent group practice

Excelsior Integrated Medical Group is committed to corporate compliance, quality assurance, cultural sensitivity and competency to our communities.